Shenzhen Fama Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (Chevy Light)

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Fama(Original Chevy Light CO., LTD ), founded in 2005, is a high-tech private enterprise devoted to R&D and production of a wide range of Traffic Signal , including LED Traffic Signal, Pedestrian Lights, Traffic Countdown and Intelligent Traffic Controller of different Specifications.The energy-saving effect of all products, tested by domestic and overseas authorities, is proved to have reached the leading level domestically as well as internationally.

Established in the smart big transportation industry,with the firm ideal of “industry redounding upon nation”,FAMA has gained fruitful results in the past decades of development history,through constant exploration domestically and overseas,innovative changes and breakthroughs,and never losing confidence despite all setbacks.Nowadays in the e-commerce era,we need to seek a new path for corporate development,and the real “subversion”is to change our way of thinking,from being product oriented in the past to being customer oriented from now on.

In the early period of our business,we provided the society with our OEM transportation products,and now we provide the transportation products of FAMA brand.Today’s FAMA,is not FAMA with ten-year history,but more like a newly born baby,and a rising sun in the morning.For every client that cooperates with FAMA,we provide them with a platform full of opportunities and high-quality brand service as the purpose,and fair rules of the game, calling for all parties to build a win-win solution and sharing interests.Our clients are both entrepreneurs and builders of FAMA platform.


We do and cherish,we temper and go forward.Ten years,are as light as dust that can be flicked by fingers,and also as heavy as hills that are difficult to give up.Although facing various new situations and problems,we have not easily given up.Since what encourage us to keep on is not to succeed,but to pursue the spirit of the times.We believe that,those FAMA people,with spirit of transformation,innovation and entrepreneurship,can absolute accomplish self-breakthrough and inject a steady flow of vitality into enterprises through subversive innovations.In the future,based on the concept of being customer oriented,we will establish a new business system to adapt to the future needs and realize strategic transformation,in order to provide the market with ultimate products and services of maximal value,as well as provide our clients with a better future.

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Fama Traffic (Chevy Light) Milestone


Fama Traffic Office Move to Xixiang, All production transfer to Yangzhou production center. Total sales turnover exceed 200 million RMB.


Yangzhou fama production center open, main product line start to use. Total sales turnover exceed 100 million RMB


Yangzhou fama founded. Start to establish yangzhou production center. Add a new product line pole.


All traffic light series pass GB14887. Solar wireless traffic control system finish development. Target market is mainly for Africa.

Fama relocates to Yulv Industrial Park, to a 7000 square-meter facility, have got the EN12368 certification with ISTITUTO GIORDANO S.p.A., and Manufacturing of SGS-tested approved
Over 4000 LED Traffic Light Projects completed;
Registered capital of 16,500,000 RMB/ $2,750,000.

  • Fama was recognized as one of the "2011 Guangdong Province Contract Complying and Credit-Committing Enterprises."
  • Chevy Light have got the TUV certification; sales turnover break through 100 million RMB;
  • Fama was honored with the one of "2012 China's top 30 enterprises in Intelligent Traffic" award.
  • Vice president of the Intelligent Traffic Industry Association of Shenzhen;
  • Having traffic lights batch production license;


  • Fama relocates to Shiyan, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, to a 5,000-square-meter facilit.

  • Nov: Fama was awarded "OF week 2012 Best LED Employer Enterprise".

  • Fama company staff:120 , registered capital of 5 million RMB/$819,672;

  • Fama 's annual turnover exceeded RMB 40 million.


  • Fama Initiation of an ISO 9001:2000-certified quality management system, and Chevy Light exports to more than 90 countries.

  • Passing the inspection of the Ministry of Public Security's traffic safety supervision GB14887-2011;

  • Fama 's annual turnover exceeded RMB 20 million.

Fama Joint Chevy Light, Most of our Traffic Light Products passed CE( TUV&LVD) and RoHS approval, Fama 's annual turnover exceeded RMB 15 million.
Chevy Light Export Traffic Lights to 40+ Countries, Fama company staff:60 , Fama 's annual turnover exceeded RMB 7 million.
Fama relocates to Ruifeng Industrial Park, Bao'an District , Shenzhen, to a 1,000-square-meter facility,company staff :40; and in this year Chevy Light was Established in Hongkong, Mainly engaged in foreign trade,
Fama's registered capital increases to Half million RMB/ $6,4102
Fama was established in Shenzhen of China, with registered capital of 100,000 RMB/$14,640, relocates to a 350-square-meter facility

Production Delivery , Transit Time

Transportation Mode Destination Transit Time

By sea

(from China Main Ports)

Hongkong / Japan / Korea 3 days
European Main Ports 25~30 days
Black Sea Countries 30~35 days
Middle East 15~20 days
American West Ports

12~14 days by express vessel;

28~30 days by common vessel

American East Ports 40~45 days
Oceania Countries 15~20 days
By Railway or Multi-model Transportation

Countries along the Eurasia

Continental Railway Line

35 days to Moscow

If the indent is given and for one full container load, the proper time for shipment of regular types of westrooper products is usually 10-20 days after receipt of L/C or T/T down payment.



  • Shipment schedule may be delayed during the Main holidays in China, i.e.:
  • Spring Festival holiday: usually in January/February
  • Labor Day Holiday: May 1st to 3rd
  • National Day holiday: Oct. 1st to 7th
Shenzhen Fama Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (Chevy Light) Shenzhen Fama Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (Chevy Light) Shenzhen Fama Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (Chevy Light) Shenzhen Fama Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (Chevy Light)
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Company Details

Main Market

South America

Eastern Europe

Eastern Asia

Southeast Asia

Middle East


Business Type




Trading Company


Brands : Fama Traffic

No. of Employees : 200~500

Annual Sales : 40000000-60000000

Year Established : 2005

Export p.c : 10% - 20%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

Good quality 100mm Traffic Light for sales Good quality 100mm Traffic Light for sales Good quality 100mm Traffic Light for sales Good quality 100mm Traffic Light for sales