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Traffic Light Pole

Brand : Fama/Chevy

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5-15 Days

Supply capacity : 5000 Set/Month



  Housing material:Stainless Steel

  Working temperature:-40℃~+80℃

  Certifications:CE(EN12368,LVD,EMC), GB14887-2011,IP55


  Traffic light pole is a kind of traffic facility. The integraltype traffic light pole can combine traffic sign and signal light . The pole is widely used in traffic system. Pole can design and produce to different length and specification according the actual demands.

  The material of pole is very high quality steel. The corrosion proof way can be hot galvanizing;thermal pastic spraying;thermal aluminum spraying.

  1, stainless steel pole: the corrosion proof way is hot galvanizing , this way meet international standard. Stainless steel pole life span can be 15 years

  2, iron pole: most light pole is iron , on the surface only spray paint or powder, not like hot galvanizing. Life span normally 3 to 5 years

  3, aluminium alloy pole: made by high strength aluminium alloy. Because of the high strength, this kind of pole even don't do any corrosion proof, the life span can be more than 50 years. It's more beautiful and higher grade.

  We shenzhen FAMA have a full range of lights pole equipment,One pass molding, Variety module can be choosed,For example:Round pole,Square pole,Plum blossom shape pole, Polygon traffic signal pole is by hot galvanizing,Rust prevention,20 Years without rust;Stainless steel fastener,Classification of wind resistance is 13;We can produce other special stell traffic signal pole with your demand;

  The steel material for the traffic signal pole is by hot galvanizing,Rust prevention,20 years without rust; Stainless stell fastener,Classification of wind resistance is 13;

  We can produce other special steel traffic singal pole with your demand.

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